Grier Heights Ministry to be Launched as Separate Organization in 2018

Charlotte Eagles’ Grier Heights Ministry to be Launched as Separate Organization in 2018

The Urban Eagles ministry in Grier Heights under the leadership of former Charlotte Eagles player, Ben Page, will become an independent ministry in 2018. The Charlotte Eagles and Page both support the creation of a separate ministry called I AM 24/7 to better serve the needs of the people of that community. The Urban Eagles ministry will continue to serve approximately 100 boys and girls in East Charlotte.

The Urban Eagles have been a part of the landscape of the Grier Heights community since Page moved into the neighborhood in 2010. Many young people have come to faith in Jesus through the ministry of Ben and his wife Nicki. The Pages and volunteers from the local church have been involved in mentoring about 60 young men that play on teams in that community.

“Ben and Nicki are deeply involved in the lives of their neighbors in Grier Heights which has led them to pursue a broader mission in order to address those needs," said Eagles President Pat Stewart. "We collectively believe that the youth in the Grier Heights will be better served by an organization that incorporates other sports and models of ministry.”

Ben Page came to Charlotte to as a professional player for the Charlotte Eagles soccer team in 2008. He became increasingly involved in the Eagles’ community outreach activities which led to him moving into the Grier Heights neighborhood in 2010 to start building relationships with people simply by living among them.

“The Charlotte Eagles have provided me exactly what I needed for the past 10 years - a place to come, learn, and find the calling that God has for me and my family,” said Page. “The leadership from the Eagles has been incredibly encouraging and unselfish in the process for launching I AM 24/7 helping us along every step of the way. I see incredible things happening in Charlotte through the Eagles, and pray they continue for decades to come. For the Glory of the Kingdom!”

The Eagles will gradually transition responsibilities to I AM 24/7 over the next several months so that it can operate completely independently by January 1, 2018.